New Arrivals for Halloween!

New Arrivals for Halloween!

Posted by Madison on Sep 20, 2018

Cuphead Don't Deal With the Devil Costume

As the end of the month begins to quickly approach, many minds turn to what October will

Cuphead Don't Deal With the Devil The Devil Vacuform Mask

bring. Between pumpkin spice lattes, warmer jackets, and potentially snow, how can you not wistfully daydream about the 31st and all the candy and chaos that comes with it! Here at The Costume Shoppe we have been preparing all year for everyone’s favourite holiday by bringing in a plethora of brand new costume ensembles, accessory pieces, and much more!

Remember our Cuphead products that were available for pre-order? They are finally in stock! With everything apart from the reversible beanie, your fun loving, kitchen-wear embodying, youngsters can go out as a matching duo. If more kids are interested in joining your party, there are pull over style masks and necklaces to don them with.

Many of you are already familiar with the selection of Primal Contacts in our collection, but good news! We have just added 

Womens Neon Rectangle Pattern Thigh High Stockings

several new styles and colours to our repertoire allowing you to dive even deeper into your costume customization. Coloured contact lenses give you Womens Tie-dye Festival Pantyhosethatfinal detail that truly transforms your overall appearance and realism.

If you are more of a satirical individual, and have perhaps been paying attention to our neighbors down south, we have a bunch of political themed pieces to appeal to your sense of humor, such as the Over sized Angry Politician Mask. Create laughs and parade around with your newly altered personality.

Lastly, add pops of colour and interesting patterns through use of the new styles of thigh-highs and tights we have brought in! With options such as Tie-Dye Festival Pantyhose and Neon Rectangle Stockings, there’s never been a more diverse catalogue to choose from.

Start this October right and eliminate your future stress by proactively making the final decision on your costume ensemble. You’ll thank yourself later for the extra time you’ll have to eat snacks, trick or treat, and prepare the more intricate details of your character.