Morphsuits - Show it all off!

Morphsuits - Show it all off!

Posted by Erin on Aug 26, 2014

You have seen them at sporting events, concerts and even on television. Some refer to them as "the green men from the hockey playoffs/Vancouver Canucks." If you have been to a Calgary Flames game recently, you will have seen some red folks wandering around there too. What are they? Morphsuits, 2nd Skin (& a few other brand names float around as well.)

Red MorphsuitSuit Morphsuit

Do we carry them? You bet! In fact, we have them in sizes for children through adult.

Now, they are not necessarily the costume for everyone. However if you have the personality to pull one off, you are going to have a lot of fun! They come in all sorts of colours, patterns and characters - superheroes included!

Robin Morphsuit Ninja Morphsuit The Flash Morphsuit

We get a lot of questions about them from customers, so here are a few of the things you need to know:

They are more height specific than size specific. So know how tall you, or the person you are shopping for are!

Choose your undergarments wisely. We recommend tighty-whities or a fitted boxer/brief of some sort. And yes, the suits hug!

Adding accessories is a fun way to make yourself stand out more.

They are a great starting point for DIY costumes! (Slender Man, anyone?)

You CAN see through them, but remember you are still looking through fabric.

It is advertised that you can drink through them. You can, HOWEVER remember that if what you are drinking has colour to it, the colour will likely appear on the fabric. So we are party-poopers and recommend sticking to clear drinks.

Morphsuit Minions

(Photo credit: Morphsuits Canada)

Hula Morphsuit

Remember that Morphsuits make people smile, so do not just save it for Halloween.