Enhance your Cosplay with Coloured Contacts!

Enhance your Cosplay with Coloured Contacts!

Posted by Madison on Apr 04, 2018

With the 2018 Calgary Comic Expo coming up on April 26th to the 29th there is growing excitement over the attending guests, vendors, and breathtaking cosplays. Why not join in on the activities and put together an outfit of your own! With the right accessories and pieces, anything is possible!

White Walker Contacts | Game of Thrones | The Costume Shoppe

White Walker

You may have been a human once, but now as an immortal ice monster you have more power than ever! Slowly plot your invasion of the continent and watch your army of undead take over with the White Walker Coloured Contact Lenses ! The Night King was the first White Walker in existence, created by the Children of the Forest! There’s no chance you will go unrecognized amongst expo goers as you slowly stalk your way through the crowds.

With simplistic, medieval inspired, armor and clothing it is easy to transform into a classic white walker! The Night King however sports a more put together outfit, consisting of old fashioned scaled armor, or a long overcoat with dark clothing. Whether you choose to you prosthetics and makeup or a molded latex mask to achieve their pale white and blue complexion, there are plenty of accessories you can use to complete your character! With a selection of cloaks to choose from why not pair one with a set of leather boots and a signature deadly sword ? If you are feeling ambitious you can even train a shoulder dragon to follow you on your conquest. 

Mad Hatter Contact & Accessories | The Costume Shoppe

Mad Hatter

Do you wish it was perpetually six in the afternoon? With the Mad Hatter Red and Yellow Coloured Contact Lenses it will always be tea time, giving you ample opportunity to share your complex riddles and avoid execution from the queen! This iconic character is known for his quirky personality and confusing statements, making him a fan favourite. Are you ready to jump down the rabbit hole?

Aside from the obvious large top-hat, the Mad Hatter’s outfit typically features an embellished jacket and a large bow-tie. Considering his eccentric attitude, all colors and accessories are free-game, allowing you to get creative! With full ensembles for both woman and men, it’s never been easier to emulate your favourite character! Add some bits and bobbles to add authenticity to your outfit, or improvise with a pair of fancy gloves or face-makeup to make the most out of your big reveal! Whether you choose to do an Alice in Wonderland cosplay, or utilize the Mad Hatter Red and Yellow Contact Lenses for a uniquely inspired piece, no one will be able to escape your manic gaze!


Are you a strong confident woman with a love of black and leather? Grab your pistols and prepare to continue on a rampage against the Lycan species with the Underworld Blue Coloured Contact Lenses! Movie enthusiasts and fantasy fans alike will recognize Selene, the vengeful vampire and Death Dealer from the popular Underworld series. With her serious yet sexy style, this loyal fighter is more than meets the eye, making her an interesting and capable heroine!

With each film, Selene’s signature style has remained the same, sticking with skin tight leather and latex, long jackets, and practical corsets. With multiple variations to consider, there is room to customize your costume using a variety of separate pieces. Starting with a black bodysuit , you can choose to keep it sleek and simple or add an extra ‘oomph’ with a corset , showcasing Selene’s unique blend of intimidation and beauty. To complete the ensemble, consider a pair of knee high boots , or a long jacket or cape! Oh, and don’t forget to pick up a pair of prop pistols in case you run into a Lycan on your night out! What path will you choose using the Underworld Blue Contact Lenses ? Will you cosplay this immortal lady, or show off your own rendition of another blue eyed beauty?

Mafia Jinx

Are you a loose cannon? Turn your special affinity for pandemonium into reality with our Pink Fantasy Jinx Coloured Contact Lenses! If you are an avid gamer this impulsive, loud mouthed, criminal shouldn’t come as a surprise. With her blend of feminine colors, bright hair, and dark grungy outfit, it’s no wonder so many people enjoy dressing up as this clever champion!

There are plenty of different looks to choose from thanks to a variety of in-game ‘skins’, including the Mafia Gangster Skin which features a fabulous flapper twist! Using one of our pink or purple 1920’s fringe gowns , all you need is a pair of satin gloves and a pair of thigh highs to complete the outfit portion of the costume. Finally, to accessorize, a feathered flapper headband paired with a scarf makes the perfect stand-out head piece, of which also matches well with a long set of pearl beads . Will you use the Fantasy Jinx Contact Lenses for this pink and purple eyed fighter, or will you compile your own character just in time for the expo!

An adult cosplay can transform you into a person you never knew you could be! Take a jump into the spotlight, and get inspired just in time for the Calgary Comic Expo or your own local Comic Con!