Calgary Easter Bunny Rentals

Calgary Easter Bunny Rentals

Posted by Madison on Mar 23, 2018

With Easter Sunday right around the corner, it’s hard not to dream of chocolate, Easter eggs, and religious celebrations. For those working the daily grind, Easter is the perfect time to catch their breath and celebrate with coworkers and friends at a corporate holiday gathering. Suit up at The Costume Shoppe in Calgary to hop on down to your adult Easter egg hunt or holiday celebration in style! All the children will be charmed and enthused by the appearance of their favourite festive rabbit.

Here at The Costume Shoppe we have a large selection of different Easter Bunny costumes that are available for rent. From classic Mache Bunnies to larger than life Mascot Bunnies, there are even costumes sporting unique expressions to suit your events mood, with a Smiling Bunny, a Laughing Bunny, and more. And if white isn’t your color of choice, you can choose from a brown, blue, or pink bunny to stand out from the crowd.

When setting up your appointment, our rental specialist requires a few measurements of the person who will be wearing the costume. These measurements typically include the individual’s height and jacket suit size. This is important as it will help narrow down which suits will be the correct size and can be brought out during the rental appointment. Trying on the suit is an important step in ensuring a proper fit, that way each bunny can hop around with comfort and ease. Depending on the level of Easter Bunny suit you choose, the prices for a single night rental can range from $79 to $150 in total.

To get the ball rolling, contact our Rental Department to set up an appointment just in time for your big event.