Bleeding Art Industries Mouth Blood 2oz Makeup

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This fake stage blood has been designed to be mouth safe. Fun to use, you can swish this product around to coat your teeth. Has a candy apple flavor. Let it drool from your lips for an extra freak-out effect. Terrific for practical jokes, dentists and dentist patients, or any costume where feeding is part of the horror effect. The color is very true and accurate, so beware of those who will think something really has gone wrong!

Caution: Do Not Swallow. Designed for use in film and on stage, or for medical or military simulations. Does not stain clothes and is fully washable. Use only soap and water to clean. Do Not apply alcohol-based or baby wipes, as these will fail to clean the area and will produce an unpleasant reaction.

Made by an Alberta company located in Calgary. No preservatives or paraffin. Steady sales ensure fresh supply of product.