Bleeding Art Industries Aged Blood 2oz Makeup

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Made for use in film and on stage, or for medical and military simulations, this fake blood is designed to show blood that has been exposed at length to oxygen, so that it has dried. When the product is allowed to dry on skin it produces a crusty, brittle effect as old blood should. Excellent for use with make-up prosthetics of any kind, whether applied to grooved or flat surfaces. Aged blood is the choice you'll need for zombie or ghoul costumes (the whole undead pantheon, to be truthful), or for any corpse.

Caution: Do Not Swallow. Does not stain clothes and fully washable. Use only soap and water to clean. Do Not apply alcohol-based or baby wipes, as these will fail to clean the area and will produce an unpleasant reaction.

Made by an Alberta company located in Calgary. No preservatives or paraffin. Steady sales ensure fresh supply of product.