Big Bad Wolf Complete Mascot Costume

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Big Bad Wolf costume includes:

  • Jumpsuit with attached overalls
  • Gloves with wolf paws
  • Mask

This Wolf Costume is both Funny and Intimidating. It features a brown fur jumpsuit with attached checkered overalls. The fur really only encompasses the top part of the suit and the arms, the overalls take over the bottom part. The overalls have giant white buttons on the front for the illusion of being able to take them off and there is a zipper that runs up the back of the entire jumpsuit for ease of getting in and out of it. This costume also comes with a set of plastic wolf claws in the form of gloves with brown fur running along the backs of them. Lastly is the wolf mask. It is made of a softer latex material with holes in the eyes and along the jaw line for both visibility and breathe-ability. The wolf mask is also covered with brown fur from the brow of the face and ears to the back of the neck and shoulders. This wolf looks to be quite hungry as his tongue is sticking out on the left side and he has an otherwise ferocious grin. This costume works perfectly as a Big Bad Wolf. Just gotta' find yourself a Red Riding Hood. This costume is excellent for Fairytale theme parties, Antagonist theme parties, Animal parties or as a fabulous Halloween costume.