Ben Nye Master Disaster Makeup Wheel

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The Ben Nye Master Disaster Makeup Wheel is a great tool, benefiting more that make-up artists and production teams. This crème color wheel was designed by a professional moulage team, using their experience and knowledge to create a realistic blend of shades and textures that will mimic real-life bruises, burns, wounds, and more! With six blendable and vibrantly pigmented shades, this palette will give professionals and beginners alike a never ending array of character possibilities! All crème colors can be layered for strong intensity, or can be thinned using alcohol to create a translucent wash. Set your make-up design with a translucent powder to ensure a smudge proof finish. Simply remove using soap and water to heal your ‘wounds’ almost instantaneously! Great for gory Halloween ensembles, stage performances, cosplays, and more!