BB-8 Star Wars: The Force Awakens Dress Costume

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Ladies Star Wars BB-8 Costume Dress includes:

  • BB-8 printed dress
  • headpiece

So adorable. This cute, white dress is printed in the same orange and black designs as our new favourite droid, BB-8 from the film, Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

The top of this BB-8 dress includes wide shoulder straps and an area at the back, near the top, to Velcro secure. The front is printed with grey, black and orange detailing with optical sensors and other fun details you'd see on this BB-8's film counterpart. At the waist, a band of grey and black fabric break up the bodice and the skirt and helps cinch the waist in. Overall, the dress is a lovely, soft material with a bit of a satin-like shine to it. The skirt has a built-in crinoline to add poof, and the hem is sewn right to the crinoline and is similar to a balloon, or bubble, hem. The included headband is covered in a white fabric and has BB-8's little top portion attached to it. This is the part that would house his antennae and be upright as he rolled around the terrain. A soft foam with soft antennae finish this look.

The Ladies Star Wars BB-8 costume dress is the perfect little dress to wear this Halloween if you want something fun, fashionable and a bit simple.