Barroque Dama Gold Venetian Masquerade Mask

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Each hand finished mask might vary in decoration, adornments and style.This intricate Barocca Dama Venetian mask is a beautiful accessory for anyone. This mask is a half-mask that is molded over the eyes, cheeks, and the bridge of the nose. It is painted gold with raised designs decorating the mask. Faux jewels and pearls dot the raised designs of the mask. In the centre of the forehead is an attractive floral design with a face. The eye holes are large ovals and accommodate for adequate vision. This stunning mask is excellent for all kinds of festivities, such as a masquerade ball or new year’s. About the Masks These fabulous genuine Venetian masks are designed by artist, Augusto Maurandi, and are created by his team in Venice, Italy. Each mask is authentically handcrafted of paper-mache in the artisan traditions of Venetian mask-makers. With satin ribbons on either side, these masks are ready for wear or display; a great piece for the avid art or mask collector.