Aveline Assassin's Creed Liberation Costume

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Aveline Assassin's Creed Liberation costume includes:

  • Jacket
  • Leggings
  • Belt
  • Arm cuffs
  • Waist sash
  • Chest strap
  • Scarf
  • Shrug
  • Hat

Living in the 18th century in the New Orleans area, Aveline de Grandpré turned Assassin. This is the epic officially licensed costume for Aveline from Assassin's Creed Liberation. A true collector's item. 

The Aveline Assassin's Creed costume is incredibly detailed and fantastic with all the pieces you need to complete your costume. The jacket base is made with a brown polyester fabric with long coat tails that is split on the sides and front to make it easier for you to move. The costume zips up the front with a faux leather panel on either side that reaches up the v-neck to the shoulders and down to the ends of the jacket. On either side of the zipper are six red frog clasps with a decorative button. The attached sleeves are made with a lightweight gauze fabric. They lace up the forearm with faux suede ribbon and there is an elastic on the cuff to give it a cinched look. The bottom of the jacket has a faux suede band in triangles. The leggings are a simple black pant with an elastic waist. 

Overtop of the Aveline costume jacket you will belt a pleather chest strap that has a pouch attached. A red gauze scarf ties around the neck and sits in the opening of the jacket. Overtop of these to things there is a pleather shrug with a collar, stitching and grommet studs. There are two buckles to strap this shrug just below the neck. Around the waist you tie a red gauze sash. Overtop of this there is a pleather belt that buckles in the back with a elastic drawstring bag that actually is elastic top. The other half of the belt has a braided pleather strap that attaches to a piece where it buckles with your sword. On the front of Aveline's belt is a metal Assassin symbol. Last but not least is the hat for Aveline. It is a tricorn style hat with red trim and a felt piece that sits on the front of the hat. There are two wrist arm cuffs. Both are made with pleather and velcro shut. One has a buckle detail and the other has a large distressed patch. 

Overall this Aveline costume from Assassin's Creed Liberation has everything you could possibly need to make this costume extra special. This fantastic costume is perfect for Halloween and the fan who absolutely loves the Assassin's Creed series. Cos play and comic con is definitely a must in this outfit.