Authentic Oktoberfest Beer Hat

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*Note: The Authentic Oktoberfest Beer Hat's braided cord differs in colour than the one on the hat in the image.

This hat is said to be an Authentic Oktoberfest Beer Hat.

A light denim-blue colour, this hat is reminiscent of something like a wizard's hat. It features a red braided band around the crown of the hat complete with bell. There are also two horns attached via Velcro to the sides of the hat. The horns are red on one side and feature a white and blue diamond pattern on the other. The same white and blue diamond pattern adorn a silhouette of a beer stein with the Oktoberfest logo fixed in the middle. The top of the beer stein has white fur coming out and the entire thing is placed on the front of the hat with Velcro strips. The entire Authentic Oktoberfest Beer Hat is quite sturdy and keeps its shape well. Fits most adults.

The Authentic Oktoberfest Beer Hat is definitely a fun accessory to add to your lederhosen or dirndl outfit. Makes a great statement piece for your Oktoberfest or Halloween party!