Ariel Deep Sea Siren Mermaid Costume

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Ariel Deep Sea Siren costume includes:

  • Bustier
  • Skirt

*Note: Jewellery, accessories and footwear sold separately.

Make the Ariel Deep Sea Siren costume a part of YOUR world!

This gorgeous two-piece Ariel Deep Sea Siren costume will take anyone's breath away - and not because you're under the sea. The bustier top of this exquisite costume is made of a deep purple satin. In the front, there are numerous purple sequins that shine and sparkle, like scales on a tropical fish. The top of the bustier is a beautiful turquoise colour with aquamarine faux-jewel accents. These accents border the top and come down in a pattern in the centre of the bustier. There are also darker teal beads that decorate the turquoise area as well. Along the bottom of the Ariel Deep Sea Siren bustier is a trim of a gorgeous, deep teal tulle containing sparkles. The back of the bustier includes a panel of fabric with some stretch to it. There are three rows of eyes for the hooks of the bustier to fasten to - making it somewhat adjustable. The tail - oh, I'm sorry - the skirt of the Ariel Deep Sea Siren costume is a wonderful green jewel tone with a lot of shine and sparkle! The waist is elastic and the material of the skirt has some stretch as well. Towards the bottom of the Ariel inspired Deep Sea Siren costume is the 'tail.' Made of an emerald green colour, this foam tail is covered in sparkling fabric. In addition to the lovely emerald green top of the fins, the underside is a fun electric lime colour. 

Flip your fins! The Ariel Deep Sea Siren costume is an excellent choice for any Disney themed Halloween party or event. Or do a vamped up cosplay for the next expo!