Adult Veronique Purple Sequined Fringe Flapper Dress

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The Adult Veronique Purple Sequined Fringed Flapper Dress includes:

  • Dress


This black dress is far, far from casual wear, rather offering you a thrilling dark delight, foreshadowing a night of excitement and debauchery. Get ready to put a sting into the lives of more than a few lovers as you deck yourself out in this.

Embroidered with a breathtaking pattern of black beads and glimmering rainbow sequins, this teardrop-encrusted dress overlays a deep, rich purple chemise emblematic of true royalty. Be ready to visit the shores of the French Riviera or the mansions of New York and Newport in this magnificent Art Deco dress. Draped with fringe over the hem that shows you off at your wildest.