Adult Toy Soldier Costume

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The Adult Toy Soldier Costume includes:

  • Tailcoat
  • Pants
  • Hat
  • Boot covers


When you were just a little child, you played every day as a general with your toy soldiers. You imagined one day you would not just play with toys, but would be a real soldier, and at last, that day has come. Well, sorta. We have a toy soldier uniform that will let you relive some of those dreams you had years ago, complete with all the gold you once admired when you were young.

The uniform’s tailcoat is drenched in gold braid, gold buttons and features gold shoulder boards fringed with tassels. Red weave makes the body of the uniform, while blue satin makes the cuffs and collar, as well as the inside lining on the tails. The tails drop to the backs of the knees. White pants fit with an elasticized waist, concealed by the coat. Blue felt boot tops with gold braid include a strap to fit them to shoes. The soft white tall hat, with blue satin brim, includes two loops of braid on the front.

Bravely you’ll march your way to your next Halloween party, or this Christmas you may join in with a Santa Claus as together you give out toys to little children. This wonderful costume contains all the magic of the march of the wooden soldiers, there for the taking. Enjoy the whole costume season this year dressed up in gold braids and magnificent colors.