Adult Praetorian Guard Star Wars The Last Jedi Costume

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The Adult Praetorian Guard Star Wars The Last Jedi Costume includes:

  • Robe with attached armor
  • Mask

This costume is part of the Star Wars: The Last Jedi collection.

This two piece costume set is unique while also keeping to the classic Star Wars style. Made to create the image of the Praetorian Guard from the Star Wars movie The Last Jedi, this all red outfit creates the illusion of armor. You’ll be skilled, scary, and intimidating.

The included robe is a solid bright red shade with black printed elements. On the shoulders there are several added layers of foam which depicts the armor pieces and add depth. The black printed lines across the chest and arms structure the design making it appear as though the individual is wearing a full suit. The skirt of the robe includes two slits on either side going up to the waist. On the back of the robe there are Velcro tabs to allow the individual to secure the garment on their body comfortably and securely. The mask that comes with this costume set is a matching red color, and consists of two pieces which fold out to create a full pull-over style. Thin lines have been cut out over the eyes and mouth, continuing over the front of the mask to create a texture on the plastic.

Tasked with the job of protecting Supreme Leader Snoke, the Praetorian Guard are an elite group of warriors with specialized martial arts skills and high tech melee weapons. When you walk in wearing the Adult Praetorian Guard Star Wars The Last Jedi Costume you will command attention and receive respect. Perfect for Star Wars or space themed parties and events, you can re-use this costume for a Halloween ensemble, or the perfect outfit for the next comic expo!