Adult Plush Red Dragon Costume

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Enter the dragon's den.

Soft and plush, this Red Dragon costume comes as two pieces: a body jumpsuit with attached wings and a dragon head with pointed tongue. The jumpsuit features a zipper in the back so it is easy to slip on and off. The sleeves have attached dragon hands with claws and slip over your hands with a band of elastic materal. The legs have attached boot covers in the form of dragon feet. Jumpsuit also includes a long, curled tail similar to what you would see on a devil costume. The wings come attached at two points to the bodysuit and are a fun, metalic looking material in red. The head of the plush red dragon costume features an open mouth design where your own face will show through. There is a pointed tongue attached to the bottom of the "mouth" and the top has a single row of white, poitny teeth. Red felt flanks the sides of the dragon head with a pointed triangle design which continue in a smaller form down the back of the head. The top of the dragon has two structures that would resemble horns.

This adult plush red dragon costume is an excellent choice for any themed party or fun, medieval event. Or even as a mascot for a sports team!