Adult Plus Noemie Burgundy Beaded Flapper Dress

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The Adult Plus Noemie Burgundy Beaded Flapper Dress includes:

  • Dress


Dressed for the party, with thoughts of the lovely and bright things ahead, you’ll recognize the excitement in your voice as you lay out this dress for yourself. There it lays on the bed, and as you let the supple lines draw your gaze, you realize that tonight you will look amazing. Tonight is yours for the taking.

With a gorgeous outer shell of hundreds upon hundreds of beads and sequins, the embroidered dress overlays a chemise of burgundy beneath. A drape of fringe provides the bottom hem of the dress, with lines of sequins to slim the hips and ornate ornamentation over the main bodice of the garment. Features half sleeves and a shallow V-neckline for modesty.