Adult Harry Potter Slytherin Deluxe Student Costume

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The Adult Harry Potter Slytherin Deluxe Student Costume includes:

  • •         Robe
  • •         Knit sweater
  • •         Tie
  • •         Dickie


Every Hogwarts student must buy loose-fitting robes to wear while learning to be wizards and witches, and of course Slytherin is no exception.  As a member of the house founded by Salazar Slytherin, it’s true that there has been much lately to be concerned about.  Ultimately, however, Slytherin showed its true colors in the fight against Voldemort, in the person of the greatest member of the house, Severus Snape.  Even Draco Malfoy achieved redemption, after all.  So wear the colors of Slytherin proudly, knowing you can hold your head up high alongside any hero, including Harry Potter.

With a partial green lining, these robes provide a deep foreboding shroud to any dark-minded wearer, with peaked hood for withdrawing hastily into the shadows if need be, should Harry Potter need watching.   The Slytherin crest, featuring snake and the house name, is embroidered on the robe and on the V-necked heather-knit sweater.  The sweater features Slytherin's colors along the hem and cuffs.  The white dickey fits under the sweater and a pressed tie with green and black is included.

If there is no Harry Potter themed event in the offing, then create a Slytherin event to ensure you have a place to wear your robes.  Visit comic or game cons, or simply keep the robes as your favorite cosplay piece, for special showings between yourself and your friends.