Adult Gangster with Suspenders Plus Costume

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The Adult Gangster With Suspenders Plus Costume includes:

  • Shirt
  • Tie
  • Pants
  • Suspenders


Hey, you want to be a good fella?  You want to be part of the family, you want to head your own crew?  Here’s some threads for those who want to be a wiseguy.  You can mess with others, knowing your family has your back.  We’re not saying this costume is like a license to steal; but you’ll be recognized as a man with class.

The suit and pants feature a white pinstripe pattern on the pants with a strong black shirt.  Pull the white suspenders over your shoulders, straighten your collar and then fit the white straight tie in place with a simple Velcro seal.  It’s a trim, styled costume; the color and the cut of which will let others know a picked man, a Wise Guy.

Add a nice fedora or put a short pistol in your pocket.  Add a cigar, and rings on your fingers.  You’ll be set to show up at a Halloween party or a Roaring 20s or Dirty 30s costume event as the toughest guy there.  Don’t forget to remind others that you can offer them a deal they can’t refuse.