Adult Flametrooper Star Wars Force Awakens Costume

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Adult Flametrooper Star Wars Force Awakens Costume Includes:

  • Padded jumpsuit with attached boot tops
  • Belt
  • Flametrooper mask

Set light to the battlefield as a Flametrooper from the new movie Star Wars: The Force Awakens. These specialized soldiers are part of the First Order’s troops in the new Star Wars movie.

The Adult Flametrooper costume includes a padded jumpsuit with attached boot tops, belt, and a Flametrooper helmet. The jumpsuit is in white and black that is reminiscent of a Stormtrooper but is styled slightly differently. The jumpsuit is sublimated with the image of Flametrooper armour. The jumpsuit is lightly padded with poly-foam to give it an armoured look. The attached boot tops are made of poly-foam to give them the appearance of tall armoured boots. A matching belt fastens around the waist with Velcro and is made of poly-foam.  The two piece helmet is made of a lightweight plastic and fastens together with Velcro. The Flametrooper helmet has a distinctive style with a visor designed to reduce glare and respirator like sections neat the bottom.

Grab your flamethrower and get ready to take on villages in this great Adult Flametrooper costume. Pair this costume with others from Star Wars for a great group costume idea! This costume is perfect for comic conventions, Halloween, or wear it to any Star Wars movie premiere!