Adult Deluxe Easter Bunny Mascot Costume

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The Adult Deluxe Easter Bunny Mascot Costume

  • Jumpsuit
  • Latex mask
  • Vest
  • Bow tie
  • Mitts


If you’ve never dressed up in a furry bunny costume, you haven’t lived. You simply must find an excuse to do so! Is it outlandish, ridiculous, crazy? Of course. That is the point. This is your opportunity to show others that you have a soft, happy side, that you’re not the button-down straight soul they take you for.

This bunny costume is bright white, downy and plush, covering you from head to foot like a mascot’s outfit. The jumpsuit is designed with shoe covers and comes with added mittens, zipping up the back to fit you comfortably in place. A polka dot vest, bright yellow with multi-colored spots, ties in place. The matching bow tie fits around your neck with an elasticized band. Finally, the mask fits over your head and presents the bright, sunny face of a happy bunny, ready to give a wave and open your arms up for hugs.

You’ll need a basket if you want to give out Easter eggs and candy this spring, plus a lot of enthusiasm for any costume event or surprise you plan to spring on your loved ones. This marvelous white fluffy bunny is sure to make memories … even if some might embarrass you a little. It’s all in fun!