Adult Deluxe Aquaman Movie Costume

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The Adult Deluxe Aquaman Movie Costume includes:

  • Padded Jumpsuit
  • Belt

Become the future ruler of the underwater kingdom of Atlantis as you set out to claim your birthright.  Prevent your brother Orm from invading the surface world.   Battle the Black Manta with your amazing superpowers and your good judgment.  As Aquaman, it’s up to you to help guide the Justice League towards making the world a better place.

The padded jumpsuit features the Atlantean’s gold scaled jacket, with magnificent padded 3-D sea-green-and-black gauntlets.  The jumpsuit also includes matching 3-D boot-tops, to be worn over the wearer’s normal shoes, atop the green pants that match Aquaman’s uniform from the movie Aquaman.  A scaled gold belt, with large symbol of Atlantis, cinches around the waist and pulls the costume together.

Celebrate the success of the new Aquaman movie and the resurrection of a much-admired comic book character.  This costume is a great idea for superhero-and-comic themed events, such as game conventions and fan expos.  Always a great choice for Halloween.  Add a trident and our Aquaman wig and beard set.