A Clockwork Orange Droog Costume

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The Men’s A Clockwork Orange Droog Costume includes:

  • Shirt
  • Pants
  • Codpiece
  • Hat
  • Suspenders


Prowl the night spreading terror and mayhem as you make your way to the Korova Milk Bar to pass the time with your fellow Droogs. Whether you’re avoiding your vapid parents, looking for a little of the old ultraviolence or set to challenge your gang leader, you’ll be dressed for brutality come Halloween.

The Droog costume’s shirt and pants are made heavy cloth weave, with rough canvas suspenders that button to the trousers and adjust with silver buckles. The front fly buttons closed. The corduroy shirt includes pearl buttons down the front, on the pockets and the sleeves, which also both feature a rubber eye-ball floating in a blood spot patch.

The very thick and menacing codpiece is made of hard packed foam, covered in creamy vinyl, which closes at the back with a long Velcro seal. The droog’s hat, or bowler, features a black ribbon hatband and is made for a tight, ominous fit, particularly when pulled down over one eye.

This might be a good time to suggest that the spirit of the costume should be approached carefully. Once the hat is in place, and the codpiece, and the buttons closed over the wrists, be wary of sinking too deeply into character. Visit a Halloween party. Attend a fan expo or an appropriate movie costume event … but Don’t start walking the streets at night. Beware of talking in Russian slang. And don’t go seeking anything that is a “real horrorshow.” It won’t turn out well.