60s/70s Flower Power Hippie-Girl Costume

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The Ladies' Flower Power Hippie Costume includes:

  • Dress
  • Headband

Resist violence and seek a better relationship with the Earth in this groovy Flower Power Hippie Costume. It's straight out of the counterculture movement against Vietnam and in favour of psychedelic music and social permissiveness.

With bare shoulders, the dress rests high on the thigh, ornately flowered with a multicolored display that cries out nature's beauty. A floss of leather like streamers fills the front, below a laced bodice to give a natural look. The thong-and-flower headband ties easily in place, which you may choose to accentuate with a pair of hippie glasses, or add a classic tambourine. For an amazing effect and for a good laugh, stuff a pillow under the front to proclaim free love in the boldest way.

Protest with this outfit come this Halloween season, or wear this to your next 60s period event or poetry reading. Shout freedom and love, carry a sign, march until it hurts, whatever it takes to change the world and make things right.