50s Rock N Roll Sweetie Pink Jacket

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The 50s Rock N Roll Sweetie Costume includes:

-Silky pink Rock N Roll jacket with front zipper

-Stretchy black capri pants

-Plaid neckerchief

For those about to rock, the 50s rock n roll sweetie costume is an easy but adorable outfit that will throw you back in time. Comes with everything you need except shoes! Just grab your favorite throwback shirt, toss the jacket on over top, slide the elascticy pants on, and tie the neckerchief around your neck or in your hair, and head out to the drive in.

The Rock N Roll jacket is hot pink all over, with a black sequined neck, cuffs, and bottom. The zipper is sewn in to be hidden and is heavy duty to last forever. On the back in gunmetal silver glitter the words Rock N Roll pop out at you. They sparkle in the sun or under the club lights.

The capri pants are simple black stretch material with an elastic waistband. The waistband has a lot of give for dancing. The included neckerchief is black and white plaid, and is long enough to tie around your neck and have a big bow. It also works as a hair tie.

This costume is perfect for 50s throwback parties, themed nights out, themed office parties, Halloween, or plays. Accessories to consider include but are certainly not limited to: Mary Jane shoes, heels, glasses, hats, bangles, burgers, and shakes.