40s Zoot Suit Riot Gangster Costume

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Men's Zoot Suit Riot Gangster Costume Inclues:

  • Zoot suit gangster jacket
  • Pinstripe pants
  • Elastic suspenders
  • Gangster hat
  • Neck tie

Watch who you are dealing with! This 20s Gangster Zoot Suit Riot costume will show them who is boss!

This Gangster Zoot Suit costume comes with a longer white pinstripe jacket, giving it the feel of what they would wear in the 1920s. It buttons down the front with gold buttons and has two faux pockets. The matching white pinstripe pants have an elastic waist and four gold buttons. There is an attached chain on two of the buttons. The pants also have two pockets which are usable. Classic white suspenders clip onto the pants. Wear your own black shirt underneath the jacket and use the white tie with gold glitter dollar sign on it. The tie actually elastics around the neck for a no tie tie. The black hard felt hat finishes off this costume nicely.

The mobster inside will come out with this fun Gangster Zoot Suit Riot costume. Perfect for those Halloween nights, 20s themed parties or a fun play. Grab your violin case and giant cigar for a fun look.