40s Red Pencil Skirt

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Have a taste of the forties with this Women’s Red Pencil Skirt, and get dolled up for your moment in the spotlight. Made out of a lightweight and breathable fabric, this red skirt is made in a long straight style. Down the front of this garment is a stitched line of fabric which is followed but small round black buttons. This line of buttons leads down to an upwards extending slit in the skirt which reached up to about mid-thigh. At the bottom of the hem of the skirt there is black lace trimming adding an additional element of elegance to the piece. Wear this ladies Red Pencil Skirt out to 1940s themed parties and events, keep for use in a variety of outfits such ad a saloon girl or a movie star. No matter what you decide you will look graceful and timeless!