3D Optimus Prime Theatrical Transformers Edition

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"There’s a thin line between being a hero and being a memory." -Optimus Prime

One Size: Standard/XL (Chest 42 - 46")

3D Theatrical Edition Dark of Moon Transformers costume includes:

  • Sublimated bodysuit with padded armour and boot covers
  • Chest piece
  • Gauntlets
  • Cod Piece
  • Sword
  • Character mask with optional glowing eyes

Have the most epic costume and make memories this Halloween with this officially licensed Transformers 3 Theatrical Edition Costume. Get battle ready and fight for good over evil in this realistic-looking replica costume.

This costume set is action packed with a sublimated spandex body suit with built in poly-foam sublimated pieces. The boots and chest piece have raised details in poly-foam as well as more sewn poly-foam armour pieces on the back. There is a 3D front Optimus Prime truck piece that is made from vacuform plastic. There is also a hip piece, left gauntlet, and right gauntlet with sword to complete his battle ready Transformers body! Helmet is made from light vacuform plastic and has light up eyes. Batteries are included.

Party on and protect the planet, find your Sam Witwicky and have the best time on Halloween with this theatrical 3D edition Transformers Optimus Prime costume! Great for Children's parties too!