20s Pinstripe Wise-Guy Gangster Costume - Plus Size

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The Adult Stripe Wise Guy Gangster Plus Costume includes:

  • Jacket
  • Shirt front with tie
  • Pants


Tell the truth; as far back as you can remember, you’ve always wanted to be a gangster.  Anything you want is a phone call away.  Free cars.  You spend twenty, thirty grand in a weekend.  Good times.

This costume suit and pants is designed to fit you out for all the things you do as a Wise Guy.  You run everything, right?  Bribe the cops, bribe the judges … you gotta look fine for that.  This wide-pinstripe suit and pants are slick and neat.  The waistband stretches to fit and the jacket is roomy and comfortable, to show that you’re a big man.  A black shirt front, with attached tie, is included with the costume, so less worries right?

Maybe you want a pistol and maybe you’re too clean to do your own dirty work, and you’ll want a boutonniere and a pinky ring.  Either way, you’ll be ready for digging a hole this Halloween if you’ve got something to cover up, or maybe you just want to visit a nice, pleasant Gangster dress-up party.  It’s up to you.