20s Mobsta Molly Gangster Costume

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The 20s Mobsta Molly Gangster Costume includes:

  • Romper
  • Stockings
  • Headband with Hat
  • Gun

Do you want to take on the position of a mobster but also want to keep your femininity? With the 20s Mobsta Molly Gangster Costume you can do both! With a cute revealing outfit you can intimidate and attract at the same time!

The included romper consists of a white bodice, and attached black sequined shorts which feature attached matching black sequin suspenders. The white bodice has a sweetheart neckline which has a small miniature tie sewn to the middle of the chest. Two black and white striped buttons are also attached to the bodice. Along the right hip there is a shiny fabric gun holster attached to the seam. Paired with the romper is also the fishnet stockings, of which are black and have matching sequins alongside small fake bullets around the elastic top thigh piece. A black headband with a small hat attached to it fits over the head, making you cute and accessorised. Lastly, a prop gun made out of a silver plastic material is also included, allowing you to look authentic and dangerous.

With the 20s Mobsta Molly Gangster Costume you will fit in at roaring twenties themed parties and events, or even wear out on Halloween night to make a big bang! With plenty of additional accessories to add to this ensemble, including handcuffs, gloves, fake tattoos, and more, you’ll be ready for your big reveal in no time!