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20s Million Dollar Baby Flapper Costume

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Also available for in store pickup or curbside service during business hours
11am to 6pm - Monday to Saturday:
4307 Blackfoot Trail S.E.

The Million Dollar Baby Flapper Costume includes

  • Dress
  • Headdress


Ready to flout conventional standards of behavior? Are you the sort of girl who dares to smoke and drink, who is ready to spend time with strange men and shatter the boundaries of propriety? You’re sure to need a dress that will say all that and let you act on equal terms with the boys, while proving right off that you’re nothing like them!

Richly adorned with hundreds of beads varying in size, spangles and sequins, the ornate centerpiece of the Million Dollar Baby dress is set against a rich, elegant velvet bodice. Scarlet and soft to the touch, this velvet reaches from the top hem to the hips, where it is hemmed by beads and embroidered leaves. The black skirt is drenched with fringe, falling to just above the knees in the front and the calves at the back. The sequin headband includes an enticing feather for drawing attention.

Should you find yourself called to a 1920s themed party, either for gangsters or the Great Gatsby, you’ll be a sensation in this ensemble. A perfect couples costume for Halloween. Add a pair of long gloves, or jewelry of every kind, to complete the image.