20s Gangsta Suit Costume - Plus Size

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The 20s Gangsta Suit Costume includes:

  • Pinstripe double-breasted jacket
  • Pinstripe pants
  • White collar dickey
  • Tie with machine gun print
  • Hat
  • Carnation pin

You better be packin' heat when you wear this outfit, 'cause you're gonna need it to keep some flatfoot from putting you in the Big House. But even a goon's gotta look his best when all it takes to get on the wrong side of the law is to take a drink or two.

This outfit has you suited right to the ground. Starting with the right blocked hat, black felt of course, you're gonna need a sharp suit with ample room to help hide those cannons you keep hidden. And you'll need this bright red carnation on your lapel for the dames. Add a white collar dickey to cover up the fact that you're dead out of scratch and a red tie with a gun logo to remind everyone you're too tough to mess with. All you need, then, is a pair of pinstriped pants to match the suit and you're ready to knock over a joint or rub out an enemy. So sorry, though. Gun not included in the costume.

Whether you're gonna wear this to the next Roaring Twenties party, or your attending a Halloween speakeasy, you'll be decked out to the nines in our 20s Gangsta Costume. Just don't let some copper or gum-shoe hold you up.