12th Doctor Who Licensed Jacket

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The Licensed 12th Doctor Who Jacket costume includes:

  • Jacket

Embrace the aging punk-rocker and street magician that was Peter Capaldi's pragmatic Dr. Who in this premium Crombie-style coat. Remember that it isn't about being a hero or even being liked, it's about the thrill, being one of the luckiest creatures in all of time and space and recognizing that life is short even after two thousand years.

The single-breasted coat features a red lining with a distinct woolen finish, falling to three-quarter length down the body, expressly suitable for London weather.  Of course, it's an excellent piece for magicians and 70s-era punk rockers. The style has been emblematic of many English subcultures, some memorable and some not so nice; this will suit many 70's English themed costumes brilliantly. This Licensed Dr. Who Jacket is versatile and comfortable, letting you move freely, whatever the weather. Sonic screwdriver not included.

Far, far more than a costume, this Licensed article is a must for any Dr. Who fan, for cosplay events and Science Fiction conventions, for Dr. Who festivals and for every day time travelling, as necessary.  Wear it for Halloween this October.